About the Publisher

David E. McClean is a Wall Street veteran and also a lecturer in business ethics and philosophy at Rutgers University (Newark, New Jersey) and Molloy College (Rockville Centre, New York). Since 1992, he has been consulting to financial services firms on operations and regulatory matters. Dr. McClean has served on a number of corporate and civic boards, and he currently serves on the Board of Governors of The New School for Social Research (in New York). He he has published peer-reviewed articles in academic journals and he has written articles on the ethics and politics of derivatives, political philosophy and other subjects. In March of 2012, he wrote an op-ed for Newsday ("McClean: Goldman Charges are No Surprise") on the need for Wall Street cultural and ethical reform. In 2011 he wrote a tract, 50 Proposals for Reclamation and Reform, in response to the Occupy Wall Street movement. He has published two books to date: Wall Street, Reforming the Unreformable: An Ethical Perspective (2015); and Richard Rorty, Liberalism and Cosmopolitanism (2014), both by Routledge. He remains Principal of The DMA Consulting Group, a consultancy specializing in compliance, risk and corporate governance.


Contact: dm@polinitics.com


His books:  www.amazon.com/author/davidemcclean